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Article #: 61        Date: 4/1/2011
Why am I getting a Bluescreen (BSOD) when playing the game?
Possible solutions for Bluescreen (BSOD) errors and instructions on how to record and submit them for diagnosis.

 In order to diagnose this issue, you will first need to be able to read the error message on the bluescreen.

To do this use the following steps:


1. Start Menu > Control Panel > System > Advanced Tab > Startup and Recovery Settings


2. In this menu, make sure the 'automatic restart' is not active. (If so, simply click the check mark off in the checkbox)


3. Next time you get the bluescreen crash, you will be able to read the error message.


4. Write down the error message that you see.

Additional Information

This issue is mostly due to graphics and/or sound card problems.


Make sure you have the latest drivers for both.


Also, if you're using a sound card instead of the onboard sound output, make sure you have the on board sound output disabled (refer to individual computer user manuals for instructions on how to do this)

Additional Information

If you have made sure your graphics and/or sound drivers are not the cause of this issue, then you may want to type the error message into a google search and look for further solutions.