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Article #: 55        Date: 4/1/2011
StormPowered or my games will not update.
Possible solutions for games not properly updating to the latest version

Check your firewall settings. You may have to manually add a rule to allow incoming and outgoing connections for StormPowered. To do this, please consult your firewall program documentation.

Additional Information

It's possible that your router is not correctly set up for gaming.

Refer to portforward.com for more info.

Additional Information
Make sure the StormPowered client is running in online mode when attempting to update your games.

To ensure it's in online mode, check the top of the client window and above the community tab, next to your account name it should say "Online." If it says Offline, left click the Manage button in the top left corner of the client window and select Online/Offline from the dropdown menu.